The Valve Steam Deck Unboxing Experience

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Valve is normally more suited or known for being a platform where you purchase games, but they have been making hardware like their Index! They did make a controller as well, but it did not catch on, so they have pivoted to making the very awaited handheld gaming device… the STEAM DECK!

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0:00 – Whoa
0:25 – Unboxing
1:03 – Case impressions
1:43 – Unboxing continued
2:20 – Steamdeck physical impressions
3:12 – Weight analogy
4:22 – Sponsor – dbrand!
5:29 – banana for scale!
5:39 – Size analogy
7:17 – Anti-glare coating
7:43 – Specifications
8:10 – Controller layout and button
10:39 – Display specifications and analogy
11:30 – Gaming impressions
13:25 – Battery specifications
13:50 – Forza Horizon 5 gaming impressions
14:54 – Cooling fan noise impressions
15:25 – Speaker impressions
15:54 – Outro


  1. Looks like Valve took what they learned from the Steam Controller and applied it to the Steam Deck.

  2. I can’t wait until valve sells them all for $5 a unit after it flops

  3. How does the Steam Deck charge while in the dock with the USB C on the top of the system? In the pictures of the future dock, the deck sits just like on the switch… but how does it charge if the power is on the top?

  4. 0:09 – “ a boat “

  5. It really shows what Valve learned from the Index, if they ever come out with a Index 2 or something along those lines, I’m confident it’ll be awesome.

  6. Acanthoscurria Geniculata

    This thing has an incredible value for $400

  7. I’m curious, I noticed that on the little diagram (1:01) that they have of this device it shows an SD card slot, if that exists why would people buy the $650 version of this thing if they can just put in an SD card? Unless the SD card has a max is that why? Or is the processor better for the larger storage options?
    What is that elastic strap for? I know you said if you want to strap it to something but what exactly? I can’t think of anything that would work for on the top of my head… a suitcase? Although, it seems too small for going on the suitcase handles.
    Ok, the charge port on top, I can see why they did that. I can just see myself playing with this thing on my pillow and I would actually be able to rest it on my pillow because I run into this problem with my phone all the time where I want to prop my phone on my pillow when I’m lying in bed on my stomach but my phone also needs to charge so it’s impossible to rest my phone on my pillow, and my screen won’t rotate so I can view it “upside-down” lol!
    Also, those other handheld things, WHAT?! I didn’t know they existed! I’ve got to do some research on those. lol What kind of games do people play on those devices…?
    I would never put that in my pocket even if it did fit, haha. I’m too worried that my joystick thing would break or I’d be ruining it. HAHA
    Can this thing play Genshin Impact?

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  9. Reclaimer Leviathan

    It’s too big.

  10. It really shows what Valve learned from the Index, if they ever come out with a Index 2 or something along those lines, I’m confident it’ll be awesome.

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