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  1. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You

    theo just insulting chris is the funniest thing

  2. DAFOH: Undeniable Evidence

    Deborah Collins-Perrica, Director of DAFOH’s Nursing Affairs, spoke at the event.

    Deborah Collins-Perrica is the Director of Nursing Affairs for DAFOH. She said it is a hideous crime to forcibly extract organs from innocent people without consent, but such a practice was approved and supported by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). With assistance from the police and the military, a lucrative organ transplant supply chain has been developed in China.

    One major group of victims of the forced organ harvesting is practitioners of Falun Gong, a meditation system popular in China due to its mind and body benefits. There were about 100 million practitioners in China before the CCP began to persecute the group in July 1999. Since then, a large number of Falun Gong practitioners have been detained, tortured, and have even become victims of forced organ harvesting.

    “The victims followed such a secretive path. The victims who are exploited, abused, and prepared for organ harvesting undergo medical testing while in political detention. This created an organ on demand system that can deliver fast-track transplant organs within days of notice,” Ms. Collins-Perrica explained. “Victims who are force labored, neglected and tortured are medically examined, undergo chest X-rays, ultrasound, and blood tests in prison hospitals and detention centers. This discrepancy in treatment is unprecedented.”

    According to a report from China Daily in 2016, China put a price tag of US $46,000 for a kidney transplant, $90,000 for a liver transplant, and $150,000 for a heart transplant. Collins-Perrica said that organ transplants are among the most profitable industries, with an annual revenue of about one billion USD.

  3. Randy adds nothing to these vids

  4. arnold schwarze- what theo

  5. Theo saying arnolds last name is sus

  6. 11:23 jim carrey and arnold what (n*gga)?

  7. absolute masterpiece of a video

  8. Ahhh the fact that randy is correct and it’s real place in my area🤣

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