The Ultimate “Thor” Recap Cartoon

The utmost recap toon of the most powerful Avenger’s first motion picture, Thor! Catch up before Marvel’s Love and Thunder! What other MCU motion pictures should we do a recap of?



  1. what other MCU movies should we recap? ⚡️

  2. Poor Coulson!

  3. 3:03 or 3:04 clean up on isle 11 I edit this cuz when you pass it you see a crazier thing

  4. Please do Civil War

  5. Fun fact: Coulson miraculously survived being turned to goo until being stabbed by Loki a year later.

  6. Not sure if Heimdall is seeing the entire universe, or if he’s just tripping balls right there…

  7. Thor Dead of Australia !!!!!

  8. Que alguien cambie las pilas a ODIN (3:06)

  9. Can you do with baahubali recap please😢😢😢😢

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