Caveman a menace fr

Thumbnail encouraged by Mrbeast, attempted to make it lego lol

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  1. I put so much work into this video but it’s my favorite piece of content ever! Please watch till the end, you’ll thank me later 😉

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  2. Yes its just amazing stealing mr beasts thumbnail and turn it into legos 😭😭

  3. When are you gonna do a face review?

  4. Dude I’ve been watching YouTube for years and you have created the BEST VIDEO EVER!!!🎉

  5. YourLocalYellowGamingChannel

    7:43 bro put himself in a war lol

  6. YourLocalYellowGamingChannel

    What is the cape you used for actavion

  7. Pretty inaccurate but it was sick

  8. DANGGGGGGGG 500 HOURS!? OH MY LORD THE BEST WAR FOR LEGOS EVER! (my favorite part was the spider trap in the tower incase anyone wanted to invade loving it 2:36)

  9. Nice mr beast reference at the thumbnail

  10. You know how the dolphin took the king to safety well umm it’s not the sharks you need to look out for it the dolphins there horrible creatures and they do horrible things

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