The Ultimate iPhone 12 Charging Kit Unboxing

Unboxing the Ultimate iPhone 12 Fast Charging Kit from my friends over at Anker!
iPhone 12 Pro Impressions!

New Music Channel!

14 inch MacBook Pro?


  1. The big boi with apple rumoured braided charging cable from anker oh wow.

  2. Iphone 12 pro max gold 512 … damn i like that shinny thing

  3. Stacking case with MagSafe wallet for minimalist edc.

  4. Big boy is my fav

  5. This is legit the PERFECT KIT for the i phone

  6. Hi Jonathan my favourite was the anker nano brick. I was thinking at the start how is a 5w brick fast but then you explained that it was a 20w brick and it all made sense. Thanks and pls can win the iPhone.Also I liked it because it was so PORTable

  7. That nano charger is nice! Cool video also.

  8. Thanks for dropping the German Amazon link. Big service! 😀

  9. Anker wireless charger

  10. 20 watts in a smaller brick then the old standard 5 watt brick? I need that just for conviene frfr

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