The Ultimate iOS 14 Homescreen Setup Guide!

So I heard you like homescreens…

0:00 Intro
1:15 Level 1
3:24 Level 2
6:07 Level 3

Color Widgets:


MKBHD Merch:

Tech I’m using currently:


  1. Didnt use before why now… doesnt it just take more from my battery?

  2. So beautiful video so interesting videos I like it..

  3. Widget wizard is my favourite widget app I’ve found so far. It’s $2-3 one time purchase and is super pretty and aesthetic, and is customizable, it lets you choose what and how many to pick to display between calendar, agenda, health info, reminders, etc. It’s awesome I highly recommend it !

  4. Not updating until there’s a jailbreak for 14

  5. Where can I get that red wallpaper you are using? It’s so cool!

  6. Launchcenter pro is really good too.

  7. iOS users need a guide to use widgets ?

  8. I saw some setting you can turn off that will stop the shortcut app from opening

  9. Given Apple’s obsession with aesthetics, crazy to me that they don’t already offer better options within the ecosystem that look similar to your level 3 designs

  10. A jail broken touch or stock Android from a decade ago has better widgets

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