The Try Guys Fix Their Voices

The people hired a voice coach to help them fix their voices before recording their audio book! Order your copy here:

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John Runnette

Elliot DickerHoof

Licensed from AudioNetwork

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto


  1. wow this sounds great! such’s pros 😉

  2. Everything Victorious

    Zach could definitely be a narrator of a teen movie ?

  3. Damn Keith.

  4. Eugene and Zach’s voices are really soothing tbh…

  5. NED’S- The agressive funny person. I have to agree tho, he is nasally but it’s okay. I still love it. He kinda put color to the audiobook cos his voice is the most different.
    EUGENE- He kinda wants us to fall in love w/ him. It’s so sexy. Attractive. Hypnotizing.
    KEITH- Well, the voice actor among the 4. His voice has a lot of character. I mean from low to high (but not pitchy) voice still sounds good. Very articulate also.
    ZACH- I kinda loved his voice the most, more like an advocate speaker, pastor-ish voice. Not dramatic but convincing, sincere and clear.

    But it’s just me.

  6. Akatsuki Ayame

    The exercise shows how much Keith and Zach exercise on a daily basis

  7. Allah

  8. Ugly gays

  9. Most audiobooks I’ve listened to are too slow and boring… you guys sound like you’re just regularly talking to us. I like it! Good job guys ?

  10. ??? im buying this

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