The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

The people eat and learn about tasty Indian food from different eating places with special visitor Lilly Singh!

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YB Chang

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

Camera Operator – Daryl Gilmore
Camera Operator – Marcin Banasiak
Sound Operator – Amro Helmy


  1. i loved when she kissed Lilly’s head, complete stranger but Lilly didn’t even bat an eye. that cultural family right there and it was a precious moment.

  2. Hooligan Aditi

    Yesss ?

  3. Clout le Prout

    Poutine is from Quebec

  4. How does one control their saliva glands? Asking for a friend…

  5. HeadPhoneHound

    Canada and India in one bowl YES!

  6. Basement Dweller Cosplay

    Why is no one talking and Zachs hair, I think it fits him!

  7. I lowkey wanna try some Indian food tho- :^) always wanted to try it

  8. YAS CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Hate Zach’s haircut tbh

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