The True Rickest Rick REVEALED: Rick and Morty Review Season 6 Episode 1

All Nighter to get this done just so I can claim the thumbnail. The youtube hustle truly is just being petty for a living.

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  1. What did y’all think of the Season Premier? Everything you wanted? Or just more of the same?

  2. OG Jerry should have never been killed…

  3. I think the most prominent trait Prime Rick has to make him a perfect foil to our rick is that he doesn’t come off as miserable. I have a lack of alcohol dribble to go with his few appearances but if he shows addiction problems it’ll be the same reason as summer and he’s addicted to partying. Of course this Rick’s idea of partying includes no pro-social behavior whatsoever both literally and in the extrovert definition.

  4. We have all been saying that our Rick and Morty are the best of themselves the “Rickest Rick” and the “Mortyest Morty” but it seems Prime Rick is being described by even our Rick as the “Rickest Rick” so what if our Rick and Morty are just that Rick and Morty they are balanced not the best of themselves but the best balance of each other Rick has learned a lot from Morty and Morty from Rick they are both a combination of each other.

  5. Rick was never a nihilist, he is a hedonist (see his fling with Unity et c).
    Morty is the nihilist.

  6. You missed the fact that they revealed that Space Beth is the original Beth

  7. Guilherme sampaio de oliveira

    Why you don’t feel bad for the Jerry from season 2?

  8. I want to see Beth kill Jack Rick. It would be cool to see C137 tell her that that’s the father that abandoned her and her family and Beth has to choose what to do about it.

  9. At 19:34 , True Evil Rick wasn’t killing other Ricks’ family for not joining the citadel, as it hadn’t been invented yet. It was only created due to our Rick’s killing spree.

  10. ・your non favorite person 👍・

    it’s super crazy to think about how the Ricklantis mix up affects where the story is heading currently, we saw with simple Rick that they would destroy the lives of peaceful Ricks for cookies. It’s crazy to think that our Rick should have been (a?) simple Rick himself, If not for… himself. It brings an incredible scope to Rick’s self hatred, he knows himself, All of himself, every one of himself, and they are monsters. He is one of them, but he never wanted this, he hates himself, all of them.

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