The Time Anakin Fought Maul To Prove He Was Better #shorts

Anakin Skywalker as a padawan learner knew his forte as being the chosen one in the Force and desired to prove that he was equivalent if not better than his master Obi Wan Kenobi.

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  1. Bruh you’d think his repeat temper tantrums would be big old red flags. Anakin’s the galaxy’s worst workplace shooter. Such an obvious case

  2. What comic is that

  3. All i heard was young and saw maul in the title im stoned i was like huh?! Lmfao i was dying lol

  4. Why the heck was Palpatine there? He was just chilling in the temple?

  5. No way a droid could imitate mauls talents

  6. I think that a series dedicated to Anakin’s padawan years would be cool.

  7. It was so cold of them to call him “just a slave”. They knew he and his mother had been slaves his whole life. And they knew he got angry. Why did they feel the need to push him even harder and make him even angrier? If they’d dealt with him with even a shred of tact and kindness, he may not have gone to the dark side and become Vader

    • I think that may have been in anakin’s head, at least the second time they said slave. But when they said “a slave to his emotions” that probably made him tic and it rang in his head.

  8. Lowkey annoying how easily anakin gets emotional. Mans raged against a training robot. Did the jedi not have therapists

  9. What comic is this???

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