The tale of Mumbo Jumbo

What Happened to Mumbo Jumbo? In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft video clip, I take you through the Story of the Mumbo Jumbo YouTube channel. How I began YouTube, my early Minecraft redstone tutorials and Minecraft tutorials, my Hermitcraft episodes and the pleasures of Hermitcraft Season 6, Hermitcraft Season 7 and Hermitcraft Season 8, and what I am doing now.

Has Mumbo quit YouTube? No!
Has Mumbo quit Hermitcraft? Nope!
I am ecstatic, taking on initiatives at my own rhythm.

My Minecraft servers are provided by Nodecraft!



  1. good job Mumbo!
    I’m glad you had a good break from yt and that you’re happy to be back
    exited to see the new video!!!!!!

  2. Welcome back bro

  3. Whoa! 12 on trending? congrats! Truly a good video

  4. I like you as a person. Your content is how I know you, not what defines you. Ill wat h whatever you make just to hear your voice n hear your humor. Love you mumbo.

  5. Welcome back Mumbo! Good on you for taking a break when you needed one! I’m glad to hear that you are rejuvenated! My you have a creative, productive, and joyful 2022 and 2023!

  6. So will you do BMX videos?

  7. The Return Of The Mustache

  8. Missing your minecraft videos dearly, but hearing how happy you’re feeling is an absolute delight and a wonderful change from hearing streamers and youtubers talk about how ‘they didn’t have a full weekend off for 2 years’. You yourself are always the biggest priority and you need to make sure that holds true, because no one else will take care of that if you don’t.

  9. Really love the indie movie vibe. Reminds me of the HitRecord show/project Jason Gordon-Levitt had. Probably because that’s my main context for indie films that aren’t animated fantasy shorts or oddly good low budget horror.

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