The Successful Helicopter Rescue… From Hell!

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  1. Anthony Claridge


  2. Oh my god, I’m dying! :DDD

  3. fiestacassarole

    Don’t let this distract you from the solid fact that Red Lobsters Ultimate Feast price went up $4 and the portions got noticeably smaller and you only get 4 biscuits instead of 5 for a table of 2!!! Not fooling me!!

  4. Colbert is a shill.. hasnt been funny for about a decade now

    The [Super PREDATOR]
    Hunter 20/20????
    (Brought to you by)
    Colbert The [CLOWN]..


    Watch these. Truth not BS like screw u Colbert

  7. this and other idiots thinks a injured lady spinning under a helicopter is comical,WOW ,

  8. Please explain why the helicopter could not land somewhere close and just put her in it? This was nuts. She could have had a stroke with that spinning blood to her head.

  9. Went from a helicopter ? ride to her becoming a super sonic Mary go round!!! ?

  10. And the punchline is that she’ll likely be getting an air-evac bill for around $30K, that her insurance won’t cover…..because she tripped and was unable to walk. Did the firefighters arrive by helicopter as well?….I’m guessing not.

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