The Story of Minecraft’s First Warden..

This is the Story of Minecraft’s First Warden! Gives some of the lore and backstory of where the warden came from!! I hope you like it. More Minecraft Stories soon

Special thanks to the GOATS Mike, Teddy, Grayson

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  1. If you guys want a part 2 of the scientist escaping get this to 50K LIKES!!

  2. the story feels like stranger things

  3. 6:23 what the herobrine and the boys there ?

  4. rune uchiha What if’s and gaming.

    4:54 it would have worked if technoblade was alive

  5. Is anyone talking abt how there is a wierd villager and pillager and we have herobrine there? “6:21”

  6. 0:42 AYO WHAT THE F- **wheezing intensifies**

  7. The Legend of Lore

    6:21 WAT?!

  8. Ihaveaverylingname

    Bro didn’t you steal this video

  9. Anthony Williams

    Wardens are scary save me mommy 😭😭



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