The Spurs look ‘really bad’ after Kawhi takes the Raptors to the NBA Finals – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says the San Antonio Spurs “look really bad” after buying and selling away Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors.

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  1. Espn is garbage

  2. Jaja bachulia

  3. Emmanuel Olaniyi

    Best part of this video is Molly not being in it.

  4. Ronald Manlabao

    Y’all acting the Spurs didn’t get 1st Round pick because of that trade. The last time the Spurs got a 1st round pick they got Kawhi. Imagine Spurs having 2 first round pick ?

  5. Not really cuz khawi is in the east not west

  6. Stephen Jackson doesn’t know shiz.

  7. Let’s face the truth, Kawhi hated playing for Gregg Popovich. Gregg, Pat, Kerr, and Phil were very lucky but without them superstars they are below average.

  8. Spurs tried to son’ Kawhi, and Kawhi was like “nah son”…. Popavich and the whole spurs organization were wrong and tried to get Kawhi to play hurt and Kawhi was like nah…

  9. raptors will choke in the finals.

  10. Kawhi and his team must first beat Golden State for the Spurs to look bad in this. Golden State would beat Kawhi in San Antonio or in Toronto. (This question is simply too early to ask.). Let’s revisit this question in a few weeks!….

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