The smart camera code on rolls of film

Yep. It is a video clip!

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  1. Definitely a ‘low’ effort and not ‘no’ effort. More interesting and better quality than a lot of vids on YT.
    – Awake and coherent.
    – Dressed, groomed and at the set.
    – Variety of physical props instead pictures.
    – Research done.

  2. Foil tape should work well for a diy sticker as well

  3. I was arm-twisted into buying a 35mm camera with the money from my graduation gift money over 40 years ago, I still have the camera, and was a terrible photographer with my vision problems, and poor “basic photography education”

  4. BUUUURP! 😄

  5. Just get some aluminum foil and duct tape and make your own codes for a few cents. 😂

  6. when I was developing chemical film in the late 90s, ISO400 was the most common by hundreds of rolls per week (Solid standard deviation peak at 45) across entire years. It was also the grain type that went on sale the most. I am interested in the statistical data you used that showed 100 and 200 ISOs as the most common. I must have lived in a special 2 year bubble where 400 was the mainstream.

  7. As a part of “no effort” you just just leave the video unedited and just keep going with bloopers left in it.

  8. Still doesn’t feel “Low effort.”

  9. Effort is relative, you know. This might be “no effort” by your standards, but there’s much deeper depths of lazy content-making out there for those who truly wish to scrape at the bottom of the barrel for their content.

  10. Mmmmm, Ektar. It’s no Kodachrome, but I love the tone reproduction all the same.

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