The Sky Empire! | Empires S2 | Ep.2

Well.. Things has occurred since last time, we are the floating island empire!


  1. Guys it’s my birthday, that means you have to like, subscribe AND wish me happy birthday

  2. Name suggestion: Horizon, because it sounds cool, and it is sort of sky themed…

  3. What if you’re the kingdom of the clouds

  4. it should be called: tall islands

  5. You could make a creeper farm and make it look like a hammer

  6. Joel: “Is this lore?”

  7. a name suggestion: in chinese island in the sky is “tian kong dao” which could sound cool?

  8. Sea Sultan Kyogre🇺🇦

    Theopolis!! From Theo- (God) and -opolis, common for powerful nations/cities

  9. You should build an automatic wheat farm ran by those puny mortal villager peasants. Then you wont have to damage your dignity.

  10. Winter King ❄️

    Happy birthday 🎉 and for the name of the empire should be the heavens

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