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  1. Hopefully horses an big free towns come back

  2. We have to be the most supportive and long suffering community ever 😂 but I love us. Because I think any other “gaming” community would have given up on this game after almost ten years of begging for the same (basic) ish. Yet here we are hundreds of dollars and countless viruses from mods later – ecstatic 😂 if the Sims 4 were a person this would be an abusive relationship

  3. multi player make me think of the roleplay possibilities

  4. I’m thinking that with the leftmost world concept image, that’s going to be another “exotic” pack…and by that, I mean exotic to Americans like me who don’t get out much! I’m hoping it might be middle eastern.

  5. I feel like a cheap porsti…uhhh you get it….
    NO….I literally spent thousands of dollars….
    I absolutely refuse… this is a bi**h slap to the poor…NO, I can’t even go twenty seconds into this video without wanting to unalive myself for spending money on low grade reskin of a previous product….
    Why…WHY! Patch the game you already made PLEASE! Don’t suck the life out of me for my childh nostalgia..I know you don’t mean to…the alure of money for treding water is great but PLEASE don’t make the next Generation spend their whole gaming budget on somthing they already have PLEASE.. no the Sims 5 is an INSULT to everyone please don’t…. do something else…fix your game please for the love of all creation dont make me but a whole new game I CANT AFFORD IT, WE AFE POST COVID DONT DO THIS TO THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU! Omg…

  6. “Babies are already annoying and now they’re about to get worse.”

    As s mom to a very dramatic 8 month old…you have no idea.

  7. The ending: So feel afraid to subcribe 😂

  8. First of all, THANK YOU! You are so good at covering things with the Sims. I always enjoy watching your channel. 2nd…what if….WHAT IF….these are teasers for like “reginal” expansion packs too…the “coastal/golden gate bridge” one being California….and the small town/rustic one being the SW US? hmmmm…. ooooh and what if they make the whole entire pregnancy and infant things more immersive? Instead of pregnant 3 days and boom there is a baby….3 days later its grown into a toddler.

  9. when comes out?

    • message me on telegram 👉@lilsimsie_1

      ☝️Feedback appreciate 🙏
      Thanks you to my wonderful Supporter. I have a present for you🎁..🎊

  10. Jason Sandford-Jones


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