The Sims 4: Growing Together Review (ITS HERE AHH)

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00:36 the world
07:38 cas
12:01 build purchase
13:52 gameplay items
12:12 gameplay
27:37 events
30:21 final score

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  1. I feel like a lot of this (& recently) it should be basegame. To me it doesn’t seem enough to be an expansion pack, everything seems very peacemeal as a result less cohesive. Why did it take nearly a decade to have infants? Playing sims from the original.

  2. is this just the base game update or have u been given the expansion pack early x

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  4. congrats on the trending!!

  5. Im kind of upset that so many important features are locked behind this pack, we really shouldn’t have to pay for for our sims to finally have a personality. Having compatibility between sims and so on feels like it should have been in the base game not a separate pack.

  6. So that’s what? Three worlds based on California now? And two based on San Francisco? Someone ought to buy the sims team a globe 😩

  7. i’m so fucking tired of new worlds 😅 like holy shit just focus on the features

  8. seems so fun! im excited!

  9. Great review, always appreciate the candidness. I am not sure it’s fair to rate the value of the game for the money comparative to other sims games. Inflation is reaaaal. I think for the sake of relevance for people genuinely wondering if it’s a worth it pack compared to other sims 4 EPs that what was free in simpler times shouldn’t be a factor.

  10. Bec Noremac-Mail

    3:35 “There’s no potty for toddlers”
    Yes, there is. 3:24 In the upstairs bathroom, there is a blue potty next to the toilet, near the bath.
    3:24 there is a potty upstairs

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