The Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Clarified | WSJ

The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the second-biggest bank failure in U.S. history, occurred after a run on deposits fated the tech-focused lender’s plans to raise fresh capital. This prompted regulators to enforce crisis measures to stem the fallout.

WSJ’s Rachel Ensign clarifies how the emergency spread out and what could happen next.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

0:00 Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on March 10
0:30 What led to the Silicon Valley Bank collapse?
1:53 How the SVB collapse could have broader economic effects

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  1. Go woke, go broke.

  2. This doesn’t explain much. I listened very carefully and couldn’t connect the dots.

  3. *David Icke 1999 Video:* The plan is for “a world central bank and a world currency. A currency that wouldn’t be cash, it would be merely electronic, for which there are fundamental implications for human freedom.”

  4. There is not a single bank that could withstand a majority of of customers pulling all their money from their accounts. Most banks don’t have more than 10% capital. Under the right circumstances any bank can fail.

  5. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

  6. Good happy to hear it!

  7. SBF is part if all this!

  8. American propaganda team always talks about others countries like Hindenburg 😂is like sleepy joe 😂

  9. When you deposit. That money is automatically invested by your bank. Because they are so greedy, the bank invests in scary big money returns. Risky stuff. Due to deregulations…stupidity allows the banks to over invest and overspend all your dough.

  10. The WSJ LIES all day long

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