The Rumbling! Assault on Titan 4×21 “From You, 2000 Years Ago” Reaction/Review

The Rumbling!

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  1. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Eren just turned into Thanos

  2. You go Rob! Love your takes. Spitting 🔥

  3. The reason why everyone has to go is because he can’t leave loose ends … we don’t want more Gabi’s

  4. The creature that attached to Ymir is actually very similar to the being that is believed to have created all life on the planet in real life. I forget what it’s called but it’s a cool reference and shows the titians were always just a form of life waiting to be discovered

  5. Marley aint the only opps 😂😂 a whole world alliance was bout to come together to smoke them

  6. I totally get where Eren is coming from and Fritz OMG what he did to that child, and she was a child, and the fact she was still serving him when she was dead broke my heart

  7. Willy Tybur: I declare war against the Devils of Paradise!
    Eren Jeager: I’ll do you one better: I declare planetary genocide.

  8. I love your reaction and want to tell you something I used to watch aot from the start from S1
    If you remember marley used to do experiment on paradise people and they used to say eldian ( people of paradise are filthy devil and other abusive stuff think about nobody takes action nobody knows the truth where the hell titans came from why are they killing paradise but here we have our god eren who take oath to kills these bastard who are killing us for fun
    Eren just sacrificing himself to erase the existence of real evil called marley
    I’m 100% with eren not because of this episode from the beginning I was knew eren is god eren is good

  9. Everyone can I get a ” complete divestation “

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