Finally get the engine in the RUDICON, and we go take it for a drive!

Shipping Address:
Rudys Adventure and Design
PO Box 230
La Verkin UT, 84745


  1. You’re audio and video has already improved greatly, but maybe move the camera a bit slower and hold it still a bit longer when you’re panning. A lot of that was blurry.

  2. Good Job RUDY & team!

  3. well done that man .

  4. Rudy, I love the channel, but can you please put the apostrophe in “Rudy’s” in your channel name? 🙂

  5. I just changed the clutch in our xj an those stupid e12 bolt’s throw nice.

  6. Sorry to see you are not Involved at all with your father. Hope it is not a girl if so u will be so sorry later

  7. You need to do a Q and A

  8. Rev. Sal DiMisa

    Maybe I missed it, did you get the lockers in?

  9. Nice tv cable repair ! Epic 🍻🍻🍻😎🔧🔧

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