The Rolling Stone Cover: Harry Styles

Go behind the scenes of Harry Styles’ Rolling Stone cover shoot.
Get the full story at:
Video clip shot by Lloyd Wakefield.


  1. I would rather endure a kidney stone then listen to this dudes shitty sounds

  2. harry styles’ 4th nipple

    i love him

  3. Some say that he resembles Mick Jagger I think it was? But to me he resembles Sir Elton John

  4. He just makes me smile like an idiot 😁

  5. He’s so adorable

  6. He’s certainly not the king of pop stop it rolling stone btw I’m sick of hearing this song at Wawa while I’m pumping my gas

  7. The way I would sell my soul for him

  8. He’s going to get pregnant soon

  9. Wow

  10. harry makes me want to be so cool

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