the rollerblader’s world is infinite

you can do anything on a rollerblade


  1. The color coordination is so mesmerizing in this video. The vivid greens, the blue highlights from the shades and the water tube, even the black protective gear is calling out to elements in BDG’s surroundings. With the soothing music and the amazing rollerblading wisdom, this video is a fully transporting experience.

  2. How did I know he was going to say Stephen…

  3. I have my doubts (as a Steven)…

  4. Dude, you are the definition of a SOUL SKATER.

  5. Love the shirt

  6. Turns out there is a limit to rollerblading.


  7. This feels like a weird callback to JSRF

  8. so what im hearing is…. rollerblading is….. L I M I T L E S S ? ? ?

  9. Aight, count me interested

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