The Rollable OLED TV: The Potential is Real!

A rolled-up TV in a box seems pretty strange at first… This is dope tech with potential!

Alternate title – The LG Rollable OLED TV: March Rollout? 😵

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  1. This would be really cool to have…too bad I can’t afford it…maybe one day! 😀

  2. Welp it works straight outta the box 😛

  3. Mmm hmmm 15 million dislikes should sound pretty familiar

  4. Seems like it would show wear and tear within a couple years 🤔

  5. intro music?

  6. If you rolled your tv to match an aspect ratio, your whole viewing angle would change and would potentially hurt your eyes/neck. The point of not doing that would mean that the middle of the TV would be where the optimal view for your eyes and position is, to limit neck strain etc.

  7. Flexible oled is a solution desperately looking for a problem. The curved Samsung phones are extra stupid.

  8. Headlights go up, headlights go down.
    Headlights go up, headlights go down.

  9. I want rollable iPhone… good review

  10. When was the last time you actually watched a movie with black bars though? If you are then that’s the issue not the TV.

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