The Rock, Master P, Lil Wayne and The CU Buffs Pregame!


  1. *8:58** I need to visit CU.*

  2. Got damn Colorado have some beautiful white women everyone looks so Hollywood

  3. America’s team

  4. Don🐅”GANGS TO GROWTH “thành công hay thành nhân”

    He right as an Asian man Deion is my inspiration!!!!!!

  5. Look at all the money he bringing with all the people he knows as a professional.

  6. Gotta love momma prime!!!

  7. What recruits wouldn’t want to be apart of this??? I predict Colorado to have Top recruiting classes starting with the 2025 class only because most 2024 recruits are already committed

  8. Cool brother ur a big part generation doing positive things we see u Master P all the way up in the North west u good brother thanks for being positive in this negative world

  9. I’m buying snoop cereal tomorrow

  10. Couldnt hear lil Wayne

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