The Rock & Kevin Hart Argue Over The Internets Biggest Debates | Agree To Disagree | @LADbible TV

We pitted Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart against one another to bicker over some of the internet’s largest debates!

In this humorous episode of Agree to Disagree, the pair do astonishing impressions of one another, Dwayne unveils a badly behaved secret about Kevin and we figure out their thoughts on The Rock becoming US president!

DC League of Super-Pets is in movie theater’s on the 29th July



  1. DC League of Super-Pets is in cinema’s on the 29th July

  2. Very bad Kevin..not funny

  3. The Rock and Tulsi Gabbard for 2024👍🇺🇸

  4. For the longest time I haven’t lmao like i just did now…thanks to this guys.

  5. Mark Montgomery

    @6:44 I actually know someone with this super power

  6. Shashank Shukla

    What if brock would have just entered the room when kevin was trash talking about him

  7. × MargarittaSz

    🤣what I don’t get is how the Rock looks huge on that same chair that Kevin looks so tiny in?🧐🥹😂

  8. Two goats

  9. I think people who says pineapple in pizza is disgusting haven’t try one before, i had one and it aint that great but its not bad either

  10. Kevin would be great in WWE because of his mic work.

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