The Rise of My New Pet Chameleon

#chameleon #pets
Meet Bernie, the most aggressive panther chameleon I have ever met. Will I be able to educate him to love or will he be everlastingly alone?


  1. You gotta make your share too man!

  2. I don’t mind some sponsored messages if it helps give you the funds to make high-quality videos like this! Also, I agree that you opening a patreon would be really cool and maybe help out.

  3. mates progames

    i had the same type but he died a month ago he was too old

  4. my wife left me recently – I just wanted to distract myself and watch a documentary……..

  5. SaskiaSketches

    So cute when he grabbed your nose!

  6. Yesss, another dr plants

  7. UniqueRecords93

    Sorry about ur x wife

  8. Stop with the jokes from chatgpt

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