The Rise of Faceless Creators

YouTube’s top performers in the past couple years have had a really interesting common feature – they are faceless. Whether it’s Dream, Corpse Husband, the VTuber community, and many more – it seems like keeping the mystery and protecting their privacy has been a priority.


Teen trust youtubers more than their own family:

1956 study on parasocial relationships:

Stalker goes to youtuber’s home:


Andrei Terbea – Lead Animator

Nicoleta Toader – Producer


#Faceless #CorpseHusband #VTuber


  1. 暗いSkorpionDark

    0:40 Andrei, you got big respect from me.

  2. 7:47 As you are my role model thb i would be depressed af like litreally….. don’t stop Andrei, support from india

  3. Faceless YT: popular
    Me being u famous: poor af

  4. Cancel Culture is the reason. No doubt.

  5. Wooooooooooo!!!!!

  6. I’d just not tell about myself because I’m too insecure…

  7. BatYeohann Encisa

    Delirious:hmmmmmm interesting

  8. The whole gacha community who didnt show their face


    stii ce imi place, toata lumea vorbeste de cel mai mare ytber roman, dar nimeni nu te considera pe tine

  10. diamondguy Carlos Ortega

    Three reasons for being faceless:
    1: You aren’t happy with how you look so you don’t want a face reveal. (Ex: Jaiden animations before she was able to have a face reveal)
    2. Publicity stunt. Make people hype up your face reveal, getting you more subs. (Ex: Dream Prob)
    3. You just don’t want to show your face unless you decide to. You don’t want to let people control your life

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