The Rise And Fall Of Slenderman

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Slenderman- fable, city fable, and viral sensation- at least before the downfall. Today let us dive into the captivating tale of Slenderman, from his origins to his explosive popularity and the epoch where he took the internet by storm to the destructive downfall and all of the drama and dispute that followed. The fabled character’s history is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, so let us take a look at the pop culture sensation that was Slenderman and why he’s fundamentally disappeared off the face of the internet today.

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Petz Catz 2 OST
Chaxti / After The Glow [Provided By Epidemic Sound]
Ealot / A New Earth [Provided By Epidemic Sound]
Hanna Lindgren / Astral Steps [Provided By Epidemic Sound]
Casey Wilcox / Dreams In Colour [Provided By Epidemic Sound]
These Old Bones / No Sleep For Old Bones [Provided By Epidemic Sound]
Amaranth Cove / Loss And Love [Provided By Epidemic Sound]

❤︎❤︎ TIMESTAMPS ❤︎❤︎
0:00 – Introduction
2:53 – The Formative Years
12:37 – The Golden Years
25:11 – The Bad Years
38:33 – The Final Chapter

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All credit goes to the musicians and composers!


  1. Forgot to add the timestamp on screen at around 26:00!! If you want to skip that content go to 28:50 :}

    • @Izzzyzzz where did you get the ushanka hat you wear in this video?? it’s so cute!

    • George.lovesseals


    • In 10 years I’ll come back to this channel to check if you made a video about the rise and fall of the backrooms 🙂 and also fnaf

    • i remember there is a video of a channel analyzing suspects during interogation and it has a full video about the case with these girls but i dont remember the name of it.

  2. The fact that adults thought this was some satanic thing is so ridiculous, like it’s horror….the same horror novels have, the same horror movies have. Like there are literally those same kids grown up to become fans of fictional killers like Freddy or Jason or Michael Myers…. :

  3. Old creepypasta anime drawings bring me a nostalgic comfort I can’t describe. I used to draw ticci Toby in my school notebook^^’

  4. Do you know gosupermodel? Their official account is back from the dead and has posted some stories. It hasn’t been active since 2016.

  5. i seriously need to change this 2019 furry profile pic

  6. xXskeletal.remainsXx

    My friends and I were really into creepypasta (6th grade in 2018) and yeah that movie killed it lmao, now it’s just something we mention when we want to cringe

  7. i’m not sure if it’s a big thing that you could do a whole video around but maybe you could look into the Slendytubbies franchise, from what i’ve heard it actually has a lot of lore (or at least a lot more lore than you’d expect from a slender copy) and – i’m not sure if this is entirely true – but i heard they were going to make a slendytubbies movie but due to budget reasons they just used the plot for the third game instead. again, not entirely sure if there’s a lot that you could do a whole video around, but it might be interesting

  8. xXskeletal.remainsXx

    This video has inspired me, tomorrow I’m forcing my friends to read wattpad creepypasta fanfiction with me🫡


  10. I always love seeing Izzzyzzz’s internet history videos but this is the first one I can be like “oh I was here for this one!” . I was around for Marble Hornets at the end of Season 1 onwards and it was definitely baby’s introduction to Horror for me. I remember lurking on a forum where they had a subforum of staying in character for Marble Hornets. Like you couldn’t mention it was fake in any way. It really made it immersive.

    The Slender: Eight Pages guy also posted his game there before it got popular. I faintly remembered someone saying “please don’t send this to Pewdiepie, he’ll make Slenderman too popular and memey”. Which, well, is exactly what happened lmao.

    I kinda fell off the entire thing when the MH crew fell apart but I have very fond memories of being spooked and sharing the videos with friends. Thank you for video! <3

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