The Queen visits the Duchess of Cambridge’s grove at the Chelsea Flower Show

The Queen has visited the Chelsea Flower Show to look at the grove designed by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Wearing a light green coat, the monarch examined other gardens at the flower show before heading toward the one built by Kate.

Report by Matt Blair.

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  1. คนลําปาง แดง

    Long Live The Queen

  2. Anyone who worships these psychopaths needs help . Sheepal

  3. The queen reminds me of my grand mom God Rest her soul

  4. I don’t care about royals news, or any of this monarchy stuff in general, but this video was a joy to watch. A nice break from the usual news cycle.

  5. Le avventure di Stella

    Almeno in Inghilterra fa caldo

  6. She’s so sweet and friendly always shakes your hand

  7. Publius Cornelius Scipio

    I look forward to Charles, Prince of Wales, being the next king.

  8. Renusha Sookdeo

    I love the garden. Just lovely.

  9. I don’t see any flowers in this “flower show”

  10. Kate ALWAYS the best!!!! ??️?????

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