The Problem with Fast Food!

The Problem with Fast Food! Who has had this problem at an eating place before? #StudioC #BYUtv

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Cast: Stacey Harkey, Tori Pence, and Whitney Call
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: JTori Pence
Editor: Trent Woolford

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The Problem with Fast Food!


  1. What’s you favorite fast food place to eat? We must know!

  2. This is always me when I order

  3. i really love Mcdonalds

  4. “Allow me to just go home and slam my head in the oven door repeatedly.” Why is this me? Every since we got to this point all she has been is me. I don’t understand why he’s putting her through this. She can’t do it!

  5. “What are you going to do when I die?”

    “Kill The Land!”

    Again, relatable.

  6. Davis Adventures

    I remeber the first time my dad made me order my own food. It was when I ordered a frosty at mcdonalds lol

  7. Why are her skits always so painful to watch?

  8. Extras were doing a remarkable job of not caring what the nearby crazy people were doing, well done

  9. when you have social anxiety

  10. Porkchop Sandwiches

    You can tell it’s supposed to be funny because of the heavy handed use of an artificial laugh track.

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