The Pokemon Game Where You’re Left to Die on an Island

Pokemon Infinity–the Pokemon fangame with the most crazy story I’ve ever witnessed. You awaken on an island with no recollections of how you got there…but everything looks oddly familiar…

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  1. Did you know this entire 42 minute video is a loop?

  2. Yo so what if… you tried to sleep in that final bed next to the computer telling you not to…?

  3. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel

    I am…amazed


    To think that Thorn is just someone who wanted to give their childhood selves the adventure of their literal dreams and went to extreme lengths to do so is extremely heartwarming to me. I can’t help but to relate to Thorn in the sense of giving our baby selves, essentially, the happy childhood we didn’t experience. I’m gonna go cry now.

  4. I was hoping when you were in the 2nd dream with the phone ringing you would notice Darkrai chilling off tot he side ahah. Really enjoyed you watching this I played it myself recently. Also if you didn’t know that Goruchu is a beta Pokemon it was going to be an evolution of Raichu way back.

  5. Saw your twitter and you’re a horrible person. making fun of a monarch is disgusting even if you’re not from there, you’re an influencer ffs, I looked up to you man but “Guys stop making fun of the queens death, i can’t like them all” and much more about the royals??? i know you will read this, just letting you know me and many other people who support you are very disappointed in your “joke”

  6. The “It was all a dream card” is usually really bad but this is actually well done with solid foreshadowing and emotional payoff behind it. Rare.

  7. this was one of his best pokemon videos i loved the end and the beginning and the game looks insane he is so good at making things dramatic

  8. I wish the regular Pokemon games had a story just half as fascinating as this fanmade game.


    “Is this, like, a Ground-Type Eevee?”
    *proceeds to use fire move with his fire-type pokemon instead of switching to blastoise, a water-type, which would be smarter*

  10. 19:24 what do the unknowns spell? Destiny?

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