The Pit Stop AS7 E02 | Bob The Drag Queen And Eureka O’Hara Are Here! | RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars

Get snatched away with All-Star Eureka O’Hara and Host Bob the Drag Queen, as the duo recap the most up-to-date episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7. Pull up to The Pit Stop because this road-tripping twosome are conversing Snatch Game and gasping over pleather, as they recap the fabled All Winners season… GURL!

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  1. Charity Machain

    Ok A ‘s love the hair does

  2. I lost 60lbs got 20lbs to go. Yo I gained it over 5 years. Lord have mercy not being able to walk five feet or just get up without breathing hard, I dont see how this drag queen(Eureka) does all she does pregnant and all. I have so much appreciation anybody who can be functional in all that has kudos cause me, I know I could not do it.

  3. Charity Machain

    I am a fan of big hair then you do the health talk. NO I HAVE HEAD TRAUMA FIGHTING ANEIMIA WAIT DID I SPELL THAT RIGHT

  4. Charity Machain

    Good memory games

  5. Charity Machain

    5. A day so yes i am slow but harmless and loveable very patient

  6. the way the got better assessment than fpr 😭

  7. Charity Machain

    I give you props for wearing spikes

  8. Charity Machain

    Do the barboa sisters

  9. Eureka I love your makeup so much, it is always so fun to see

  10. Charity Machain

    Health and performance arts clean and sober gooood

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