The Parent Trap was kinda crazy

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  1. Check out Honkai Impact 3rd:
    5th anniversary link:

    • Can you watch the Owl House and Amphibia please

    • Unironically love honkai so much their storytelling is amazing

    • Pretty much the only reason this movie holds up better than others is because it was a remake that honored the original. The original Parent Trap from 1961 held up well also. The Prince and the Pauper trope holds some real appeal on it’s own so a more family oriented version just makes sense. This movie is mostly identical to the former version sparing some more modern settings and different shots. How the couple got together, married and divorced in like a week… and somehow had kids in that same week wasn’t there and it was a change that I think just wasn’t thought through.

    • Lots of people getting sponsored by the Honkai and Genshin series lately lol, love to see it tho cause it means more friends to play the games with <3

    • Alex can you check my comment and check who responded is not you

  2. Parents wrong as fuck for all that

  3. Lady Delirium (Lyriumstone)

    He brought the whole orchestra for the last part.

  4. I have a friend who is a red head and has a redhead sister and their parents both have brown hair

  5. OK we need to see you do return to oz. If you haven’t seen it go in blind. It’s on disney plus.

  6. -I was one of many who thought Lindsay had a twin, so kudos to her chops.

    -“just stay 11 forever and you might have a chance with him”. 🤣🤣🤣🤮🤣🤣
    -yeah, 25 years later this movie’s more skewed.

  7. Was it just me or did anyone else burst out laughing at the part where it said “big ol’ red flag”?

  8. My father has dark brown hair and my mother has blonde. Me and my sister have this red hair and I know for a fact we are not adopted😅

  9. Didn’t Leonardo Decaprio and Linsey Lohan actually date?

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