The “Outer Banks” Cast Reads Thirst Tweets

Y’all. It finally occurred. We had Madelyn Cline, Drew Starkey, Jonathan Daviss, and Madison Bailey from “Outer Banks” sit down and read some of your thirstiest twitter statements. Yes, it was disorganized. Yes, it was uproarious. And yes, it made us love them even more. From all of your Rafe thirst to asking Madelyn to be your “mom,” they read them all. Watch the video clip now! #OBX #OuterBanks #ThirstTweets


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  1. Drew, you may be rafe Cameron’s who cares your the most handsome boy ( other than Rudy obvi ) I have ever met you and Rudy are married to me you don’t know it but 3 some 😭

  2. Alice • 9 yr ago

    Who else thought the actor of Sarah Cameron was pointing the middle finger at the comment

  3. see but where’s rudy

  4. I just got into the show about a week ago and I already had a crush on Drew Starkey before watching this video, but this pretty much solidified it for me. I can’t afford to go down the rabbit hole of having yet another celebrity crush damn it lol.

  5. Ellie Efstratopoulou

    If Rudy and Chase did this, we’d have a 15 hour vid

  6. Madeline cline.

  7. btw these are everyone’s intrusive thoughts😂

  8. Overrated!
    Just good looking young men and women, put together and attracting all kinds of weird teenagers

  9. 0:55 Madison is so cute😂

  10. jonathan daviss and drew starkey REALLY are sexy asses whoever wrote that has amazing taste

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