The Origin of the WARDEN…

If you are not fearful of the Warden, you should be. This mob has more wellbeing than the Ender Dragon and the Wither compounded, and can kill a participant wearing full netherite armor in just two hits. But how did it get so mighty? Dive into the lore with us as we find the origin of the WARDEN.


  1. I want to know this boy what his name the boy in the deep dark

  2. Detonater Callan

    Really creepy but cool video! Ngl was a sad story for the original, but cool nonetheless. I’d also recommend watching The Warden origin story from SeaWattGaming! Was well done too!

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  4. My theory is that the warden already existed, and the biomes it lived in, but before the wild update it was reduced to the void, and as the wild update came, more caves grew to above bedrock, with more others reduced to the void

  5. I have a theory: The deep dark was an ancient city, and the Wardens were the city’s protectors but then the inhabitants of the city all died from an Infection, and now the Wardens keep guard of the city almost if they do it to protect the Wasteland that was once a city for the Ancient Villagers and years later after the Ancient Villigers and the Ancient Builders the first players would wonder into their Domane.

  6. only mojang know,s every thing in minecraft

  7. it only has 100 hp lol way less then the wither or ender dragon

  8. PoWPANG Animating man thingy

    Hello lore man

  9. This makes a lot of sense

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