The Only State Capital Where You Can’t Drink the Water

A summary of the Jackson Mississippi water emergency to date.

Last August, a flood took out the aging water system in Jackson, Mississippi, leaving almost everybody in the City without any water. Only several months later, arctic climate broke so many pipes in the city that residents again lost access to water, some for almost two weeks, continuing one of the worst water crises in American history.

2022 Testimony of Abre’ Conner:
Brooking’s Institute Article:
MSDH Jackson Water Crisis Webpage:,0,76,720.html
EPA Jackson Water Crisis Webpage:
Most of the timeline and summary info included in the video clip comes from this source:
MSEMA Incident Command Briefs:
Is Water a Human Right?
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    • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right?

      RIGHT. So jackson is doing terrible bc racism? It has nothing to do with the fact that it has only ever had democrat mayors? for well over 200 years? All dems? Nothing to do with it? Last 7 mayors were black? But racism? Really?

    • We really are a 3rd world country.

    • I have a question… is this video a limited hangout to sway attention from the Ohio disaster?

      AS A NATIVE AMERICAN, even I never thought the US government was so corrupt and so evil to go to these lengths.

    • You have done the telling of this water crisis justice. I thank you for all that you do. I love your channel. I hope there are still signed copies of your book. I really want to get one.

    • Why hasn’t Pete buttyedge fixed this problem?

  2. Water is overrated. Fire is better.

  3. The part they didn’t pay the staff at one point sounds like heavy corruption what is going on with the funds.

  4. The challenges that engineers face as climate change threatens to throw their designed infrastructure into every edge case scenario year after year are unimaginable to me. The fact that Mississippi’s politicians failed their engineers and their constituents with the needed support should have Mississippi residents angry.

  5. Poor people, mostly, but not only black. Any questions?

  6. Clean water is a human right. Thank you for saying that! Anyone that disagrees with this statement is beyond help.

  7. I know how, mismanagement and corruption affects people, citizens and public infrastructure, because i live in Turkey. It’s so sad to see those happened in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s also an irony that it happened in a state named after second longest river in the entire World. Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink.

  8. shingshongshamalama

    Basic human rights like clean water and food and shelter and healthcare should not be sold for profit.

  9. The only state capital where you can’t drink the water… for now.

  10. I’m so glad I found your channel! Racism, blame it on racism! The moral of this story is run your infrastructure into the ground (pun), cry racism, and hold out your diverse hand for some federal funding. Now we all get to pay for the mismanagement, fraud, and corruption. But it was racism.

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