The Odd Number Rule
Learn more about our new Inquisitive Fellowship:

Friend the dog:

The beginnings of World War One:

Galileo and the odd number rule:

A GREAT book about the history of our comprehending of how things move — which includes some terrific sections about Galileo:



Colorado and its 697 facets:

Washington State ’96-’97 handbook:

Washington state rules for permitted exceptions to the half-time or more enrollment requisite:


  1. It wouldnt be a Vsauce video if you didnt lose me 1 entire minute in LOL

  2. soushyant babapour

    Chuckled like 9 times

  3. I’m so sorry you lost all of your stuff

  4. Centipedes aren’t. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  5. Wait….

    that was 22 minutes?!

  6. This video is trending on #15, odd number ☠️

  7. Michael: He died at 9 years old.

    And then, suddenly: *Now, let’s talk about World War 1.*

  8. Sirius Rilesworth

    Liberal fruitcake

  9. I wish my college lectures had segued from Calculus to Air Bud shitposting as efficiently as this video did.

  10. He edumacated me.

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