The Nuno Bettencourt Solo Everyone is Talking About

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  1. I’ll take David Gilmour any day over this. 😂

  2. People always say the best solo’s are the ones you can remember and sing, this doesn’t have that, it’s technically very good but just sounds a mess

  3. Rawdiddy (OpenMikeMusic Inc).

    Nuno, De Martini, Beach, perhaps Lynch, Bratta, Marcello,…..some of the best to come out of the flood of 80s wankers yet didn’t get the respect outside of their contemporaries they so richly deserved.

  4. I’ve always thought Nuno was criminally underrated.

  5. give an ear to ‘Midnight Express’ which uses a similar false fingering technique, but on an acoustic.. total genius.

  6. Introspection Academy

    oh my god ….

  7. I’m so happy. I’m such a big fan of nu i i even bought all his albums with his band “dramagods” which was quite good. But this is litterally pickup up where he left off

  8. Maybe the best guitar player ever, check out the solo from hip today, one of the best

  9. If you told me in 1991 that Extreme would be talked about in 2023 I would not have believed you!

  10. Super under rated composer, singer and virtuoso guitarist. I grew up in Boston an saw them play in dozens of clubs before they were signed. I knew the guys in the band a little bit and was totally enamored with Nunos playing (being a very driven guitarist myself) I used to Sneak in the with my friend with the band during Soundcheck and watch them play the show hours later, I was only 16 or 17. I had their demo tapes and on occasion, I would ask him if he would play me the solo from a certain song during Soundcheck, and he would would smile and just rip it in his sleep. I always knew the dude was gonna be a freaking star. I had my time but nothing like nuno 🔥

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