The Nothing Phone LOOKS Different

A hands-on with the entire glyph interface in lights on the back of this phone. Will that be enough to distinguish it?

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  1. Don’t worry Iphone users you will get this feature after 10 years.

  2. it does n’t have an impressing look , nor looks that different that would make me leave Samsung to buy it,

  3. I’d get this phone if they also relase an all-black theme with say customizeable LED color, purple LED on black would be so badass

  4. I am 100% buying this phone. The best phone I ever owned was my Essential PH-1, I ended up buying two of them after I took the first one swimming. I realise that buying a phone form a startup is a gamble, but there a certain amount of “soul” found in these first attempt phones that you don’t see from the bigger brands.

  5. If it is Android it will never be cool enough!

  6. It looks like a ripoff of the iPhone 12

  7. Bruh really said you can tell who’s calling just by looking at notification lights 💀

  8. civicesi civicesi

    i foresee flare when using the LED lights at the back for photography or videography

  9. Stupid phone ,i stick to my s21u for 1 year more

  10. That thing is cool as hell. I’d want it to come with a “ringtone editor” app that lets you create custom LED patterns, similar to a video/audio editor where you have a timeline with separate “tracks” for each LED.

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