The Next Chapter.


  1. Awesome Grant!!!!!! Just saw Micahs reveal too!!! Good for you! Ya deserve it ya filthy animal!!!

  2. Don’t ever forget if it wasn’t for good good both you would have never been here

  3. Congrats, but I can’t believe that you and Tig haven’t thanked Good Good for all of the publicity that gave to you both. This wouldn’t have happened so fast if it wasn’t for you guys being a part of their team.

  4. Grant is a good golfer 100% but by himself he is just not very entertaining from a content creator perspective

  5. I love the content! Wish you the very best

  6. Capital one match..grant micah v jarrett n kwon or matt

  7. Incredibly thrilled for you, Grant! You deserve everything you are getting. I couldn’t think of a more nice, genuine guy. Taylormade will be getting a great ambassador with you.

  8. Congrats man, really cool.

  9. So awesome!!! Excited for you Grant!!!!

  10. Just came back from the hospital having a CT scan of my lungs. The have found 2 small masses. Not my best day, once my Dr. contacted me I went and hit 2 buckets of balls at the range. I hope and pray my luck can run as good as yours my friend. I have beat cancer once before, lets do it again. Congrats again on your deal.

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