The newest on captured parents of school shooting suspect l GMA

The duo is being held on $500,000 bail after allegedly making an attempt to flee law enforcement.

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  1. Awesome throw them to the Wolves! Flight risk. 2 Bullets can take care of them. I always said it starts at HOME!!

  2. Scared of looking the parents’ eyes, scary.

  3. Its creepy for me since I go to highshool that is 45 minutes away from the shooting and it’s so weird with it being THAT close, and many other fellow classmates at school having friends in the shooting texting them about it, it’s so scary when it becomes reality because you always think it could never happen to you, but it can, and apparently it’s also a problem in many other schools nearby still and even my school with “problem” students showing such concerning behaviours, any form of authority such as teachers, parents etc. Expect students to be better and take responsibility even though there are those facing so many negative factors in life that most authority turns a blind eye to it, and I know this personally with how I’ve been treated by the government and family that should be protecting me, not protecting me or supporting me like they should, and I can’t imagine how many more have slipped through the cracks, and when people such as mentally fragile as the shooter using this frustration to hurt other people which is wrong, is honestly just frustrating for those of us who need help, because people get even more scared instead of safe and then they react, and people get hurt instead of supporting each other and honestly so many people have been failed because no one is actually looking at the issues, only who to blame instead of fixing the problem, we all together as a society parent, student, government, administration. Have a big problem and all we’re doing with it is playing hot potato essentially.

  4. Where’s ALM?

  5. We need more parents accountable for rasing pos kids.

  6. If these crumby people had just a crumb of decency, their lives wouldnt be crumbling away in a crumbley old prison cell!!!

  7. Now days this could be any parent,. Keep an eye on your kid and what’s up in there life.

  8. This is all Biden’s fault

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