The New Apple M1 MacBook Pro Max and M1 MacBook Pro 2021

Which 2021 Apple MacBook Pro would you go for? The 14 or 16. M1 Pro or M1 Pro Max? Space Gray or Silver?


  1. Miguel Angel Sam Lee

    finally the notch, yesssss! damn

  2. I got use to using the touch bar on the M1 and its only less than a year old. All is good with the 14 but I can wait.

  3. At any moment Apple said how the performance tests were made, only vague comparison charts in their favor of course. It can really have an amazing performance but according with what was shown from these new M1 CPUs, its architecture is highly focused on apple’s users demands and narrowing its functionalities on a broad use if we compare with all purpose Nvidia GPUs and Intel & AMD CPUs.

  4. Will you miss the touchbar?

  5. Thank you for breaking this down in a way I can understand as a non tech savvy customer. Much appreciated

  6. Rubi - T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    I have been waiting for this upgrade!
    Wallet see’s price: (Chuckles) I’m in danger

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