GAMEBREAKING 6’9 DEMIGOD BUILDS WILL BREAK NBA 2K23.. i take a look at best constructs in nba 2k23 and the greatest creates in nba 2k23 are frightful demigods 6’9!

0:00 INTRO
0:29 BUILD 1
6:13 BUILD 2
9:31 BUILD 3

instrumental provided by Dmac.

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    • @Alex Toussaint Yes but not as good as last year cause of the new speed boost functions iam recomed making a big man finisher or a slasher build that can plow through the deffense

    • @432hz _vibez not only that bro but it also has a 77 acceleration, a 74 speed with ball, plus your gonna lose adrenaline boosts and stamina which is gonna make your stats drop lmao,

    • @Brotha Jones boy ain’t no way boy! My type of build right here. I feel like this cap tho. It’s too OP for what 23 been advertising. I won’t believe it till I see it. Preciate the vid bro. Another banger!

    • What position?

  1. I see nothing wrong with this build, honestly those who don’t play basketball nor watch basketball will not understand. Look at the league, look at NCAA there are people who are both short and tall who can handle the ball, shoot, layup, dunk, and have defense all in one. This game will be based off skill. Can you play defense or no? Can you play offense or no? If you can’t truly play basketball get off the sticks because all this spamming, and trying to find tricks and glitches I hope will be over this year. Hoop and stop crying and just get better

  2. Someone tell this ballhog that shooting under 50% after he’s been playing for ” years” just means he sucks

  3. Lame. Lol… so idiotic.

  4. New builder 🔥🔥🔥

  5. F*ck you coming on my feed

  6. Out of these 3 builds, which one do you think is the best? 🤔👀

  7. I wanna see your version

  8. How much passing to equal 85 pass accuracy with gold bullet passer on 2k22???

  9. Whoever has this build is going to feel like a god Until they play a pure post scorer.. cos that 45 strength for me as someone who plays 1v1 post looks delicious

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