I cannot tension the significance of the builder in NBA 2K22. Of course gameplay is constantly going to be the most vital characteristic in any NBA 2K game but the builder has to be done correctly in NBA 2K22 if its going to have an effective MyPark mode.


  1. The most important aspect of an NBA 2K game is ________________?

    • diversity on gameplay and builds

    • Trash servers

    • Craig Whatsamacallit

      Miss 2k19

    • everything saying builds clearly didn’t play 2k back when Builds weren’t a thing and you had to choose the type of player you wanted to be. I hope they remove builds and bring back skillset variations so if you wanted to be an athletic point guard, your speed would be higher but your shooting would decrease significantly instead all you kids want is a centre that can shoot threes cause you want a system which hasn’t worked in over 4 years to come back and allow for these 7’3 centres to be able to shoot threes

  2. I’m Good ☺️ I Pre Order NBA 2K 22

  3. patrick schneer

    The next gen system needs to have more balance across ALL positions. PFs shouldn’t be the only good position.

  4. I miss 2k20 & 19 gameplay

  5. Vũ Nguyễn Hữu

    You know shit getting real when Joe makes a video. He always speaks facts.

  6. Joe you been posting all these 99 overall and they bangers and all but I need a Og Dat boi 75 overall video

  7. The disgusting gameplay

  8. We NEED a squad up menu to find players like rec does, instead of running around a park inviting random people

  9. 2K fills me with hate it feels so bliss 🤣

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