The *MYTHIC* 4 CORNER Challenge in Fortnite!

Today we are doing an Elimination Challenge in Fortnite while being hunted!
Use Code Lachy

/ monstercatmedia
❱ Incompetech |

Musicbed SyncID:


  1. not bragging but one time me and my squad won with 32 elims

  2. Now if u already counted the bonus kill as one Looter should be on 17 not 18 he should’ve got 2+ added at the end not 3

  3. Looter probably is the best pro ngl. Amazing video👌

  4. This video should have way more views 👌

  5. Julia Ann (WaitingFor You)

    Almost at 15M subs. Hope to reach that level one day. Love all your vids you inspired me to start youtube!

  6. Pwr is just amazing

  7. what skin was radius using?

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