Finally @Cleetus McFarland New engine is ended and on its way


  1. sweet motor, can’t wait to see it in action.

  2. Tuomo Lahtinen

    These videos always leave me with so many questions but are the block and heads stock or custom made to your specs?

  3. Michael Immell

    What is the benefit of a timing belt over timing chain? Obviously there is a benefit if this high performance of an engine is using it. Thanks!

  4. Yes, I know about this thing with 3000+ HP. Don’t know the car can have so much Health Points.

  5. Finally!!!!!

  6. Damn is good to have money I got to try that one of these days!…..

  7. This is awesome Steve. You and Kyle do an amazing job

  8. BassManBobBassCovers

    Super stoked! Looks well built with great parts by a badass!

  9. Surprised he didn’t get a smx.

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