The Most Mind-Blowing NFL Midseason Turnarounds

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Outro- The Fix by Aldous Young


  1. I pray that the lions see this video 🥲

  2. What was great about the Panthers and Jaguars making it to the conference title games was of course they were both second year franchises. But what I really enjoyed was watching those two just completely slamming the door on the Cowboys and Bills for good. Those two had been just killing everyone for far too long.

  3. I forget what season it was, but the Redskins went 0-6 and won 6 straight I think they finished 7-9

  4. There easily could be a one hour video on these turnarounds. I dislike people saying “you missed such and such.” Some people who complain should make their own because there’s only so many teams to discuss in a 15 minute video. That being said 2 teams that come to my mind are the 1993 Dolphins and 2012 Cardinals. Dolphins were 9-2 after Cowboys’ Leon Lett block FG gaffe in the snow but lost rest of their games (momentum somehow switched teams as Cowboys won out). The Cards started 4-0 but finished 5-11 (funny thing is year before they started 1-6 but finished 8-8

  5. talkin about 2009 but showig footage of the oilers, tsk tsk

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  7. Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦

    First team that comes to mind is the 2015 chiefs. It was my first year watching football. They started 1-5 then won 10 straight and a playoff game. Their turnaround got me invested in the league for the first time. It’s a shame this team gets forgotten because nobody dares to remember the “Pre-Mahomes” Cheifs. But anyway, great vid KTO.

  8. I got to run some terror zones for the first time yesterday evening, I had so much fun. So far I’ve only found an offensive skill gc, but the exp is awesome and getting to see lower level characters fly thru levels is always a good time. :[

  9. KTO would tell an awesome bedtime story

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