The Most intriguing Man In Baseball


  1. these videos are so good i just wish there wasnt this annoying loud trap beat though that shit is so annoying

  2. My favorite player ever!

  3. “I don’t sign for cubs fans” hahaha I actually respect that

  4. Awesome video! I do miss the little intro bit with the very upbeat music, but still a great video, and I’m happy you’re still making great content👍🏼

  5. He had his own cereal too don’t forget that

  6. This was a great story, thanks for putting this together. I am an Orioles fan so Votto doesn’t cross my radar much. He really looks like a love him or hate him kind of guy. I do love that it seems like his passion is what drives him, even when out of control. Good stuff.

  7. Is it a nipple thing?

  8. Joey is the very embodiment of fundamental traditional baseball

  9. So he basically saved his power till he needed it. Going for walks and bases probably gave his joints an extra 5 years

  10. As a Reds fan, Joey has been the only consistently good thing about this team throughout his 15 years here. I’ve heard the statement, “At least we have Votto” at least 100 times in this city. Man will forever be a Cincy legend.

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