The Moment Mario Ended Omarion’s Career In Versuz Battle. RIP


  1. Verzuz should be a calculated risk. If you have active beef or don’t really mess with the other artist, the public will pick a clear winner and loser. The Keith Sweat/Bobby Brown show is an example of doing it with mutual respect and less of a combative energy. This would be my vibe, because why risk messing up your career to put $$ on Swizz Beats pocket?! 😬🧐
    A charismatic performer can overcome a more talented singer, but crowd control has to be on 💯(Jadakiss) & that wasn’t the case here.

    Mario’s vocals have always been top notch…his career could’ve been bigger tbh. But Most of these R&B cats are petty and jealous of each other. Hopefully Omarion has a good support system and he is okay after this.

  2. Circumstances Never Matter

    I feel like Omarion acts like he’s stuck in a time warp sometimes. 😂 Girl you took me out saying you hoped Jeremiah singing was apart of the joke. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. That’s a Virgo for u savage

  4. Mario was lame af to only person did good was Sammie sorry

  5. Should have done Sammie vs lil Corey (bando Jones)

  6. Wow after all these yrs u would’ve think ppl would act right!!!

  7. Mario been cold consistently since he came out even though he doesn’t drop music regularly The Ricki Lake episode with him and his super fans lives rent free in my mind Also he was funny af that night

  8. Yea the prices just dropped

  9. Omarion never had a dam legacy.

  10. If you’re still laughing… hit like

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